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TUSA Wettkampfbrille Shinari / V-130

TUSA Wettkampfbrille Shinari / V-130
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  • SW10361
TUSA Schwimmbrille Shinari / V-130 Race in style and comfort... mehr
Produktinformationen "TUSA Wettkampfbrille Shinari / V-130"

TUSA Schwimmbrille Shinari / V-130

Race in style and comfort with this brand new V-130 Shinari goggle. The Shinari is a one piece low-profile construction bonding the lens and eyecup together thus preventing leaks. The V130 also satisfies both reduced resistance and ideal fit. Resistance is drastically reduced while maintaining ideal fit by employing the new cushion structure that buries the space between the face pad and the lens when the goggles are worn. The Shinari's joint parts connecting the lens and buckle are made of soft materials so the goggles snuggly fit along the shape of your face and reduce the instances of the strap twisting and/or flapping.

>  Super Anti-Fog treatment
>  UV Cut protection
>  1-piece lens and facepad construction
>  Hypoallergenic T.P.E. seal
>  Adjustable Split Strap
>  3 interchangeable nosepieces
>  Colors: Amber (AB), Black (BK), Cobalt Blue (CBL), Lavender (LV), Pink (P), Red (R), Smoke (SK), Violet Orange (VO)
>  Some colors may not be available in all markets, please contact your VIEW retailer or distributor. 
>  Learn more about FINA HERE.


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